Megyn Kelly Behind Vimeo Suspending True Pundit After Posting Newt Gingrich Ass Whooping


The liberals who run Vimeo on West Street in New York City sure get triggered easily.

These are the same type of upscale socialites who wildly swing a taxi door open in traffic to watch bike couriers skid across lower Manhattan on their chins. A fun, self consumed bunch that if you needed help from late at night in the city they’d step right up like a good Samaritan, after swiping your Visa card on their smart phone before lecturing you on life choices.

True Pundit used Vimeo to post a number of news clips in recent weeks without any fanfare or noise from the management of the poor man’s YouTube. Things were running smoothly until last week when we posted seven minutes of Newt Gingrich on Fox News treating Megyn Kelly like a chew toy.

That video went viral … Before it strangely vanished from our Vimeo account without any warning. Poof. Gone.

Then, in a New York minute, all of True Pundit’s videos which were embedded in news stories had been scrubbed from public view.

Yet, Vimeo warehouses plenty of ISIS-sponsored propaganda films and footage. That’s Kosher because liberals see art in the struggle. A beheading, in a way, can be pure prose because it paints broad strokes on the eternal debate of man versus maniac. Cretins are fun to chronicle from a safe distance while sipping Macallan Single Malt and nibbling on pâté. But videos from a conservative-leaning news site? No way. Conservatives are clearly the true terrorists and their video content makes an ISIS recruiting video look like a training film. No pun intended, my good man.

After searching for a valid Vimeo email address for 30 minutes, we inquired with the good folks at Vimeo just what the hell happened. First they accused True Pundit of “Spamming” viewers. Then we learned everything could be cool again in Vimeoland if you upgraded to Vimeo Pro and paid a monthly vigorous. But we’re from Philly. Why would we hand people money right after they jumped us in a dark alley? That’s Ivy League mentality. We’re just street reporters and Intel folks. We hold a grudge. In fact, we like grudges.

Then, the cocktail-circuit brain trust who run Vimeo went and stepped way over the line. They sent us this:


Now, you can suspend our account, trample our First Amendment rights as a media operation, even censor our videos without the courtesy of a simple heads up but we refuse to edited by some high school AV Club hero. That cannot be tolerated. The proper title of the video was:

“Newt Gingrich Delivers Verbal Round House Kick to Megyn Kelly; Snarky Fox News Queen KO’d”

Our stuff just reads better.

Oh yeah Vimeo, here’s the original interview from your competitor YouTube:



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