Meghan Markle Exposes ‘Woke’ Culture as Selfish Entitlement, not Social Justice


Meghan Markle did the world a service when she trashed the British royal family with her husband, Prince Harry, in an interview Sunday evening with Oprah Winfrey in California.

In her petulant complaints about how difficult it was to be a princess, and in her fraudulent claims that her son was excluded from a princely title because of race, Markle exposed the “woke” culture as an empty shell of entitlement, more concerned with narcissism than with any kind of “social justice.”

Markle made the astonishing claim that a member of the royal family had “concerns” about her son Archie’s skin color. Neither she nor Harry would name the individual in question, allowing the whole family to be tarnished.

It is a claim that lacks any credibility, given that Queen Elizabeth, now 94, was among the first white leaders to embrace African liberation figures in the 1960s, dancing with Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah at a time when racial segregation was common elsewhere.- READ MORE

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