Media Silent: Dayton Shooter Alleged Twitter Account Supported Antifa Violence, Elizabeth Warren


Monday morning following horrific, deadly mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas over the weekend, as well as Gilroy, California last week, the networks were eager to pin blame on President Trump for “fueling” the violence with his “hateful rhetoric” against immigrants. What they were not eager to do was point out that the alleged social media accounts of one of these shooters revealed he was a radical leftist, who supported socialism, antifa, and Elizabeth Warren for president.

The website found the alleged Twitter account of the shooter. On that Twitter account that was suspended shortly afterwards, the suspect identified as a “leftist” “atheist” who wanted socialism, and he said he’d vote for Elizabeth Warren. In his tweets, he supported antifa using violence against “white supremacists” and “right wingers” even calling the antifa terrorist who attacked an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington, a “martyr.” On Charlottesville, he allegedly tweeted, “kill every fascist.” Photos also show him with a satanic tattoo, and he tweeted “hail Satan.”

Yet none of the networks mentioned these things on Monday mornings broadcasts, which spent extensive time on the two mass shootings. While they all mentioned the anti-immigrant screed posted online by the alleged El Paso shooter and linked it to Donald Trump, none of the networks dug into what the political leanings were of the Dayton shooter. – READ MORE
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