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Media Madness For Wicked WikiLeaks


You know WikiLeaks is working when the Clinton News Network can no longer indulge its natural impulse to bury this story beneath a heap of Trump-trashing.  Today’s announcement that the FBI is reopening its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails doesn’t hurt either.

CNN is the home of helpful correspondent Chris Cuomo, who has become something of an infamous social media celebrity since notoriously stating that ordinary citizens caught combing through these Podesta e-mails were breaking the law.

Perhaps Cuomo knew his name was coming up in a future installment.  Sure enough, this Thursday, Cuomo’s message to John Podesta was released. Under the subject line of “Sorry you can’t make it tomorrow,” the journalist writes somewhat enigmatically, “Really wish I could get some time with the secretary as well. Campaign has ignored every request. Odd?” – READ MORE

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