Media in hysterics over ‘assault weapons’: BBC claims ‘modified semi-auto’ shoots 1,200 rounds — a minute!


The recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton are reigniting demands from the left for a national ban on “assault weapons,” with the media and Democrat politicians working overtime to campaign for the cause.

The situation is to the point that some media outlets are reporting pure fantasy, while others are misleading the public about “assault weapons” with a narrative steeped in racism and ignorance.

“An actual graphic from @BBCNews,” Twitter user Rob recently posted, highlighting the hysteria.

The image showed several different types of guns and the purported “rounds per minute” they’re capable of firing. The news site alleged a revolver shoots up to 20 rounds per minute, a semi-automatic pistol shoots up to 50, and a semi-automatic assault rifle is capable of firing up to 120 rounds per minute. – READ MORE

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