Media Has Seen Massive Traffic Drop Since Trump Left Office


Every major mainstream media outlet has seen a massive traffic drop since President Donald Trump left office, and though the media isn’t covering President Joe Biden as it did Trump, there may be other reasons why traffic has tanked.

The Washington Post’s media reporter Paul Farhi posted a graphic on Twitter showing a massive drop off in traffic for 25 of the best known mainstream print and broadcast media outlets, including his own employer. All but one showed a drop in traffic from June 2020 to June 2021. The only media outlet to show improvement over that time was Buzzfeed, though it’s unclear whether the traffic is solely related to news or their other ventures.

The outlet with the biggest drop in traffic over the past year was Forbes, which lost just over 60% of its traffic since last June, according to Farhi’s graphic. In June 2020, Forbes had 113,477,000 million pageviews, but this year, for the same month, the outlet received just 44,645,000 pageviews.

Here’s how other major outlets fared:

  • The Wall Street Journal: -19.9%
  • CNN: -20.1%
  • Axios: -26.1%
  • Fox News: -26.2%
  • NBC News: -27.4%
  • The Washington Post: -27.5%
  • The Guardian: -32.5%
  • The Hill: -32.9%
  • The New York Times: -33.9%
  • The Los Angeles Times: -39.1%
  • Politico: -44.4%
  • The Atlantic: -51.9%
  • Time: 51.9%
  • ABC News: -55.6%

Media outlets won’t cover the Biden administration the way it covered Trump, even though it could. Since Biden is a Democrat, his administration gets the benefit of the doubt and spin that Trump never received. One could argue that Trump deserved the coverage, but that could be said of any president – the media just won’t cover a Democratic administration the way it will a Republican. – READ MORE

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