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Media Fail: Devastating Poll Proves MSM Influence Is Doornail Dead


For my money the polls that best prove the national establishment media’s influence is finally, at long last, dead, are not polls that ask directly about the media. While those polls are all kinds of awesome, it is not exactly news that huge segments of the public despise and distrust the media. Moreover, my concern with the media has nothing to do with favorability and everything to do with their ability to corrupt public opinion. Well, on that front, I am here to deliver some very good news.

What makes this news so amazing is that in the aftermath of President-elect Trump’s victory, our media chose to learn absolutely nothing. Not for a moment have these lying, leftwing activists paused to search whatever sits in place of their soul or to self-reflect. As if to prove they don’t believe they did anything wrong, they have just kept right on doing everything wrong. The campaign to destroy Trump marches on unabated. – READ MORE

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