McEnany: Trump Maxwell ‘Well’ Wishes Was Noting Epstein’s Mysterious Death — ‘The President Wants Justice to Be Served’ (VIDEO)


Earlier this week, President Donald Trump caught flak for wishing alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell “well” after he was asked about her case during a news briefing at the White House. Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked about the controversy and said the comment was noting that Jeffrey Epstein “ended up dead in a jail cell” while awaiting trial, and Trump “wants justice to be served for the victims.”

Host Bret Baier asked, “The other day he was asked about Ghislaine Maxwell who’s been federally prosecuted for allegedly recruiting, grooming, sexually abusing underage girls, he said ‘I just wish her well. Frankly, I wish her well.’ That raises eyebrows, Kayleigh.”

“Well, what the president was noting is that the last person who was charged in this case ended up dead in a jail cell, and the president wants justice to be served for the victims in this case, and he prefers this to play out in a courtroom,” McEnany replied. – READ MORE

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