McConnell Signs On To Resolution To Dismiss Articles Of Impeachment If Not Received In 25 Days


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signed onto Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) resolution to change the Senate’s rules which would allow the Senate to vote to dismiss Democrats’ articles of impeachment if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not submitted the articles of impeachment within the next 25 days.

New York Times reporter Nicholas Fandos reported on Thursday that McConnell had signed onto the resolution as a co-sponsor to the resolution “to change Senate impeachment rules to allow the chamber to dismiss the House’s articles if they are not sent over within 25 days.”

The Hill reported that the Republican-controlled Senate would be able to dismiss the articles of impeachment with a simple majority vote.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate on Thursday, McConnell slammed Pelosi and the House Democrats for spending “12 weeks undermining the institution of the presidency with an historically unfair and subjective impeachment and now, for the sequel, they’ve come after the institution of the Senate as well.” – READ MORE

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