McCain Family’s #ActsOfCivility Campaign Is Stupid


John McCain’s family intends to honor the first anniversary of the U.S. senator’s death with something stupid called the#ActsOfCivility campaign.

According to the far-left Axios, “Examples from organizers include opening a dialogue with a competitor, committing to working with a colleague or peer with a different perspective and calling a family member you disagree with — and pledging to listen.”

A spokesman for the McCain Institute told the Hill, “My family and I are going out of our way to properly meet our (not so) new neighbors, who on the face of it we have little in common with.”

This is the dumbest thing ever, not to mention wildly hypocritical.

Do we really need a lecture about civility from John McCain’s widow, Cindy, who racially profiled a family, accused them of being human traffickers, and then lied and said they were guilty, all to self-aggrandize?

Do we really need a lecture about civility from The Great White View Screecher? – READ MORE

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