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MAXINE MELTDOWN: NBC Reporter Takes Maxine Waters to Task on Comey Hypocrisy (VIDEO)


Maxine Waters seems confused on how she feels about Comey’s firing, saying Wednesday she doesn’t think President Trump should have fired Comey but that Hillary Clinton should have had she won the presidency.

MSNBC host Peter Alexander pressed Waters on why she wouldn’t support the firing of Comey considering she previously said he had “no credibility.”

“To be clear, you believe it would have been better to keep in place an FBI director who you said had no credibility to oversee this investigation than to find someone who you think would be a better choice?” Alexander asked.

“No, but I believe the president thought that,” she said.

“But you said he had no credibility!” Alexander responded somewhat incredulously.

He later asked Waters if she would support the firing of Comey had Hillary Clinton won the presidency.

“If she had won the White House, I believe, given what he did to her…she should have fired him, yes.”

“So she should have fired him but he shouldn’t have fired him? That’s why I’m confused,” Alexander declared.


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