Mattis To Sailors: You’re Not P*****S Sitting On The Sidelines


Secretary of Defense James Mattis told sailors during a speech at the Naval Base Kitsap that anyone in military service is “not some pussy sitting on the sidelines.”

In a speech lauding sailors for their decision to join the military, Mattis added that sailors from the USS Kentucky would never regret their time in the Navy, because even though they will experience ups and downs, that kind of variance means they’re living.

“Because of what you’re doing now, you’re not going to be laying on a shrink’s couch when you’re 45 years old, say ‘What the hell did I do with my life?’ Why? Because you served others; you served something bigger than you,” Mattis said.

According to Business Insider, which referred to Mattis’ comment as “controversial,” no female sailors are assigned to the USS Kentucky.

Mattis stated that the point of his speech was not to convince people to sign back up for service.

“And I’m not here to give you a re-enlistment lecture. I wish — I was I was young enough to go back out to sea, although I will admit it takes a special kind of person to be in submarines. I was in the Marines, and there’s a world of difference between a submariner and a Marine, you know what I mean?” Mattis said.

Mattis’ rousing speech and aggressive language is part of what has made him a legend in the military as a leader and earned him the nickname “Mad Dog” Mattis. His other nicknames include “Warrior Monk” and more simply “Chaos.”

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