Mattis’ Message to America’s Enemies: Work With Our Diplomats Because You Do Not Want to Work With Me (VIDEO)


During an unannounced visit to Dartmouth over the weekend, Secretary of Defense James Mattis reiterated how he wants America’s enemies to know it’s better for them to work with the State Department because “you really don’t want to work with me.”

Speaking with Professor Michael Mastanduno’s Government 54 class, Dartmouth veterans, ROTC cadets, and the War & Peace Fellows of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, Mattis outlined that he makes sure America’s diplomats can negotiate from a position of strength.

“What I our adversaries to know is, please work with our State Department, you really don’t want to work with me. That’s the message, if you see what I’m driving at,” Mattis said.- READ MORE


In a solemn ceremony at the Pentagon’s Sept. 11 memorial, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told families of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks 17 years ago that those deaths were not in vain, for in their passing they empowered the nation forever.

“Though evil visited us on a cloudless Tuesday morning, courage and strength answered amid the fire and smoke in New York City, over a Pennsylvania meadow, and in this very building, as innocent people from 91 countries were murdered on our soil,” Mattis said at a private ceremony under gray overcast skies.

“We remember that hatred, disguised in false religious garb to murder innocents, will not prevail.”

Mattis promised to honor those who died “by living as they would have us live,” and said the U.S. military had kept faith by following “to the ends of the Earth those who sought to break our spirit.” – READ MORE

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