Mask or No Mask? WH Chief of Staff Says ‘Certainly, a National Mandate Is Not in Order’


White House chief of staff Mark Meadows believes the question on whether masks should be mandated on a federal level should actually be left up to the states.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Meadows appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday where he said, “As we look across the country, obviously, the narrative is the COVID cases are rising, but testing is rising exponentially.”

“We’ve now tested almost 10 percent of our country and when we look at masks and wearing a mask, that’s done on a location basis when you can’t have social distancing,” he continued.

Meadows, who previously served as a U.S. representative, then said, “But certainly, a national mandate is not in order. We’re allowing our governors and our local mayors to weigh in on that.”

There has been a push for a federate mandate on masks, including from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who previously told NPR, “As long as we’re faced with this crisis, masks should be mandatory.” – READ MORE

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