Maryland Mulls Adding ‘Unspecified’ Gender Option for Driver’s Licenses


The Maryland state legislature is mulling over whether to add an “unspecified” gender option on driver’s license applications.

The Maryland House of Delegates Environment and Transportation committee held a hearing Thursday on the bill, which would allow citizens applying for a driver’s license to mark “X” on their applications instead of selecting a male or female gender.

“I’m not concerned about how feel about themselves,” Del. Bill Folden (R-Frederick) said at the hearing, according to WTOP. “The issue is you are born one way or the other.”

Transgender activist Dana Beyer, who is running for the state Senate as a Democrat, responded that the legislature has to “respect” how people sexually develop.- READ MORE

On Wednesday, the Canadian Senate passed bill C-210, which aims to change the lyrics in “O Canada,” the Canadian national anthem, to make it gender-neutral. The bill had first been introduced in the Senate in June 2016.

The bill was introduced as a private member’s bill by member of Parliament Mauril Belanger; he is no longer a member of the Canadian Parliament as he died in 2016 after fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The bill stipulates that the lyric, “True patriot love in all thy sons command” be altered to “True patriot love in all of us command.” – READ MORE

The ACLU is now fighting to have the comprehensive sex education standards implemented in California foisted upon schoolchildren in grades K-12 across the nation.

In an article posted on the ACLU’s website, Melissa Goodman, director of the LGBTQ, Gender and Reproductive Justice Project, ACLU of Southern California, lauds the California Healthy Youth Act, implemented in 2015 and sponsored by the ACLU of California, among others. She writes approvingly, “The law aims to minimize gender and sexual orientation bias and stereotyping as well as foster a positive and healthy attitude toward sexuality.”

Goodman rips what she feels was the antiquated sex education she learned in middle school, asserting:

For one week, a very uncomfortable health/gym teacher taught me about body parts and reproduction, that sex — always heterosexual — can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, and that we should therefore abstain from sex or use condoms. … What I didn’t learn was key information and skills that would have equipped me to have healthy relationships. I didn’t learn about gender and power. READ MORE

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