Martel: Aleppo Is President Obama’s Rwanda

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The world awoke Tuesday morning to the harrowing end of the battle of Aleppo, a four-year struggle between Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and a mixture of moderate and jihadist rebels seeking to liberate the city from his totalitarian rule.

With the help of a ruthless ally in Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, Assad has reportedly finally managed to subdue the city, killing tens of thousands of civilians along the way. Yet while mainstream media figures sound the alarm today, Assad’s human rights atrocities are half a decade old. The situation in Aleppo is in part the product of President Barack Obama’s failure to lead in preventing Assad from making human rights violations a habit.

Had President Obama kept his word to punish Assad should he use chemical weapons on civilians in August 2012, no power vacuum would exist for Putin or jihadist elements to exploit in Aleppo. With Assad gone, Syria could have begun its rehabilitation process years before the devastation occurring today. – READ MORE

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