Mark Levin says Senate must call Robert Mueller to testify: Ask for documents, emails, give him ‘the Trump treatment’


Robert Mueller’s public declaration was “orchestrated” by House Democrats and the Republican-led Senate must call him to testify, Mark Levin argued on “Hannity” Wednesday night.

“I think this whole thing was orchestrated. I think he didn’t want to testify. I think Nadler said give us the information we want in terms of propaganda. He gives the propaganda. He said I’m not going to answer the press and I’m not going to talk to Congress,” said the host of Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin.”


“The answer is there were no crimes, he had no case, there was no probable cause, and by Mueller writing Volume II and giving his little spiel today, he was very feeble. … This is not a man who would do well under seven, eight, nine hours of questioning, with the Republicans honing in on so many issues,” said Levin.Video

He went on to say that Democrats are “thrilled” with Mueller, calling specifically on Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to call Mueller to testify.

“You ask him the questions … you ask for documents, you ask for emails, you give Mueller the Trump treatment and let’s see how that ends.” – READ MORE

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