Mark Cuban On Why He Wouldn’t Buy the Carolina Panthers: ‘Why would I buy an NFL team if I think the league is in decline?’


If Sean “Diddy” Combs is looking for someone to help him purchase the Carolina Panthers, he might want to take a hard pass on Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban.

When asked by the Dallas Morning News, whether he had any interest in purchasing the recently put-up for sale Carolina Panthers, Cuban answered in characteristic Cuban fashion:

Why would I buy an NFL team if I think the league is in decline? There’s no team I would want other than the Mavericks, certainly no football team in the universe. There’s not even a close second.

I love the Mavs. I love Dallas. I mean, Charlotte’s a great city, but there’s nothing I don’t like here – other than losing right now. I would never turn my back on the city of Dallas. Like I’ve always said, Dallas has given me so much. And what am I going to say to my son and his friends or my daughter and her friends: ‘Oh, yeah: Football’s dangerous for you, but I bought a football team.’ I know I’m a hypocrite from time to time, but I really, really, really try not to be.READ MORE

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