Mandalay Bay Photos Proves ‘Hero’ Security Guard Was Never Shot Through Door by Paddock; Vegas Sheriff & FBI Caught Fabricating HOAX


The whole Las Vegas hero narrative appears to be one big lie.

Finally, we have the proof.

Pictures and video DO NOT lie.

But in Las Vegas we have learned the Clarke County Sheriff, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and the FBI certainly do lie.

An their latest collective lie is a Big One.

We have previously written about this, and the dishonesty of law enforcement in Las Vegas since the massacre, so let’s do a quick recap.

From our Oct. 26, 2017 story:

A growing faction of FBI agents doubt Jesus Campos’ gunshot story that reportedly unfolded during the Oct. 1st Mandalay Bay massacre in Las Vegas.

FBI agents are experiencing similar frustration in Las Vegas, where they allege MGM is bullying FBI brass to bend and mold the shooting investigation to their corporate will and needs. At almost every turn FBI results and Intel have to be cleared with MGM, FBI insiders said. Hence, the ever-changing timeline of the shooting by alleged killer Stephen Paddock.

MGM Resorts, in short, is strong-arming and bullying the FBI led by Las Vegas FBI SAC Aaron Rouse, a disciple of embattled FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Rouse was appointed to the post by now-fired FBI Director James Comey.

If accurate — and there is little reason to doubt veteran federal law enforcement — this is certainly another black eye for the embattled FBI. We have already reported the Clark County Sheriff’s office is simply rubber stamping FBI decisions and has little autonomy of the probe.

Now onto Campos.

A growing faction of federal law enforcement sources dispute a number of gaping discrepancies from the information and timeline supplied by Campos and his MGM bosses. There are many. The largest is the story that any man who took a round to the thigh from the assault rifles employed by Paddock would be acting and active like Campos in the days following the shooting. And the moments following such trauma.

Was Campos actually shot? He has not been allowed to talk about it, no medical records have been provided, no doctors have verified, and officials have dismissed such a question as patently ludicrous. Campos is a damn hero, they maintain.

Perhaps he is truly a hero and did save lives but science and medicine, along with FBI naysayers, cast doubt on the official MGM-controlled narrative.

Officially the FBI and Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo maintain Campos took one bullet to the right thigh from over 200 rounds blasted at him from Paddock through the hotel suite doors. Campos, according to the official narrative, then kept working diligently alongside Las Vegas Metro Police to help subdue Paddock.

Lombardo said Campos still has the bullet lodged in his leg and will need surgery to remove it.

FBI insiders, military veterans, and trauma surgeons conclude that claim is quite unlikely.

“A 223 or 5.56 (ammo) round to the upper leg would put you in a world of hurt,” a veteran agent said. “I see very few scenarios where you would be able to stand and assist anyone. He said he fled the hallway? How? What about massive blood loss?

“And who closed the wounds?”

The agent said the wounds created by the velocity of the ammo round would be “impressive.”

Lombardo said Campos took a 223 round to the leg. Again, Lombardo maintains it is still lodged in his leg, even though medical experts agree such a round would turn a femur bone to dust and still blow through the other side of the thigh if it didn’t also explode his femoral artery.

Such a blow to the leg would drop even the biggest and baddest military veterans, leaving them incapacitated absent medical help. Ask any combat veteran.

But newly obtained photograph shows NO bullet holes in the breached hotel room door. 

So how could Campos — who never entered the room — suffer bullet wounds if no bullets traveled through the hotel door?

The picture is below. Enlarge it. Zoom. Do you see 200 bullet holes?

We don’t see 200 rounds. We don’t see any rounds at a level that would hit Campos in the thigh. In fact, we are fairly sure the door has no visible bullet holes.

You be the judge. We are sure you will agree.


Pictures don’t lie.

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