Manafort: ‘The Never Trump Movement Is Nevermore’


Friday on Fox New Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort said that the so-called “Never Trump” movement that planned to challenge Trump’s nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week is “nevermore.”

Manafort said, “They understand very clearly that denying Trump the nomination through some back room deal would destroy the Republican party and that’s — not just the presidential election but probably the congress as well. It was never a real opportunity and yesterday in the rules committee, there were two important votes. One was to unbind the delegates —to free them to quote ‘vote their conscience,’ that lost 87-12. We crushed them. The second vote was to let voters vote their conscience. They got less votes to the point they didn’t want a recorded vote. As far as I’m concerned, the Never Trump movement is never more. it’s gone.” – READ MORE

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