Manafort attorneys dispute accusations he lied to Mueller, say he gave ‘truthful’ information


Attorneys for Paul Manafort filed court documents on Tuesday disputing accusations by special counsel Robert Mueller that President Trump’s one-time campaign chairman lied to prosecutors in breach of his plea agreement.

Manafort’s lawyers said in the filing that any alleged “misstatements” the defendant made during his cooperation with federal prosecutors in Mueller’s Russia investigation were not intentional.

“Mr. Manafort provided complete and truthful information to the best of his ability,” his attorneys argued in a 10-page document with redacted portions that, due to a filing error, failed to keep all of those redacted portions from public view.

Redacted sections of the filing could be read by copying and pasting the entire text into a new document. Talking Points Memo first published portions of the unredacted document.

The special counsel’s office declined to comment on the revelations resulting from the redaction errors in the initial filing from Manafort’s attorneys. – READ MORE

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