Man Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault Awarded $1.8 Million In Damages


A former Maine resident who was falsely accused of rape has been awarded an additional $1.8 million in damages, the second award he has received over the ordeal in the past six months.

Vladek Filler was accused 12 years ago of repeatedly sexually assaulting his wife, Ligia, as the couple was divorcing and bitterly fighting for custody of their children. When Vladek told Ligia he would take their two sons with him and move to Georgia to be near his mother, she began making accusations against him.

The University of Michigan’s National Registry of Exonerations (NRE) said that Ligia became angry after Vladek’s suggestion, and “ran into the street from the family home holding one of the boys, yelling that she wanted to kill her husband for molesting and abusing their children and that she feared he would kill their 12-year-old son.”

As the Daily Wire previously reported, Vladek was “found guilty of one count of gross sexual assault and two counts of misdemeanor assault,” even though social services determined there was no evidence of child abuse and a physician testified there were no signs of sexual abuse. His attorneys argued for a new trial, and in 2011, he was found guilty for one count of misdemeanor assault and sentenced to 21 days in jail. – READ MORE

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