Man arrested for allegedly killing co-worker by forcing compressed air up his buttocks


Japanese authorities arrested a man Saturday after another person died when he allegedly shot compressed air into their rectum as a prank.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida, 34, was arrested for the accidental killing of Akio Ishimaru, 46, according to Ibaraki Prefecture Ryugasaki police.

The incident took place at an Ibaraki Tsukuba City manufacturing plant on July 13, according to the Asia Times. The two were apparently fooling around on their break when Yoshida took the air compressor and injected a blast of air in between Ishimaru’s buttocks, the news site reported.

Ishimaur began to feel ill minutes after the prank and was taken to the hospital where he later died. Yoshida reportedly admitted to committing the crime.

“It was a tragic accident but not the first of its kind,” police said in a statement. “The air compressor was pushed up against the anus, over clothing, not directly into the cavity, and the release of the air into the body probably damaged the lungs, causing death. We are waiting for the results of an autopsy, which is still being scheduled.” – READ MORE


A small city in Japan is facing a ninja shortage as the town struggles with depopulation.

Iga, located roughly 40 miles southwest of Kyoto, is having trouble finding ninjas to perform during its annual festival, NPR reported Monday in an episode of its “Planet Money” podcast.

The job — seemingly born in the city of Iga — pays $85,000 a year, according to the report, but the city in central Japan has too few residents to fill the role.

The town of around 91,000 people sees nearly 30,000 tourists each year for its annual ninja festival. – READ MORE

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