Majority of Voters Believe America Is a Racist Country


According to a new Wall Street Journal/NBCNews poll, 56 percent of voters surveyed believe American society is racist. Given the events of the last few months, this is hardly surprising. If you have people screaming 24 hours a day that you’re a racist and America is a racist country, it’s difficult to think anything else.

Naturally, whites and blacks see the issue in vastly different lights.

Fox News: Of women, 66 percent believed this, compared with 46 percent of men. Democrats polled agreed with this at a rate of 82 percent compared with 30 percent of Republicans.

A majority of White, Black, and Hispanic participants all agreed that U.S. society is racist, with 51 percent of White people supporting that idea, compared with 60 percent of Hispanics and 78 percent of Black participants.

Only a bare majority support removing Confederate statues.

Much closer, however, was the response to a question about what should be done with Confederate statues. Only 51 percent said that they should be removed, with just 10 percent calling for their destruction – the others said they should be moved to museums – and 47 percent said they should be left in place. Most of the people who wanted them to remain supported the idea of adding plaques to provide historical context.

The media makeover of the revolutionary militant group Black Lives Matter appears to have been successful. – READ MORE

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