Mafia Boss Murdered by Three Teen Daughters in Grisly Fashion After Years of Sexual Abuse


A mafia boss was stabbed to death by his three daughters following years of torture and sexual abuse, according to his three teen daughters.

The teenagers Kristina, 19, Angelina, 18 and Maria, 17, have been charged with murdering their father Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, in Moscow.

Reports of the appalling alleged abuse they suffered have emerged after Khachaturyan’s body was found with ‘dozens’ of stab wounds in the family’s block of flats.

Police in Moscow told reporters that the sisters all confessed to jointly killing their father, claiming they suffered years of appalling abuse from a man who was allegedly a heroin addict. If convicted they could be jailed for up to 15 years.

Kristina reportedly told police: ‘We hated him and we wanted just one thing to happen, either that he disappeared or that we never knew him. ‘We wanted him just to go away and never come back.’

(Fanpage) Friends and neighbors said that the father, a member of a local criminal organization, was tyrannical and his wife – the mother of the sisters – had fled because of his abuse . “He always beat her, and once he took them to a forest and threatened to kill them,” said a family friend. Finally, the girls would also have been sexually abused. The sisters said that on the day of the murder he had threatened them again with a knife in their apartment. One of them, however, reacted and stabbed him then the others intervened in turn, affecting him. The man finally tried to escape from the apartment but died near the elevator. READ MORE:

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