Mad Dog Launches Another Devastating Attack On the Media, He Has No Time for ‘Fake News’


Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Friday denied reports circulating in Australia’s media that the U.S. is planning to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities with the help of Australian intelligence.

“I have no idea where the Australian newspeople got that … I am confident it is not something that is being considered right now. I think it’s … frankly it’s fiction as best I can give you,” Mattis said, according to Tara Copp of the Military Times.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported late Thursday that officials in Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s government believe Washington is prepared to bomb Iranian facilities as early as August. Citing “senior figures” in the government, ABC also reported that Australian military intelligence would “likely play a role in identifying targets in Iran.”

The speculation about an impending American strike comes on the heels of a bout of saber-rattling between President Donald Trump and Iranian leaders. – READ MORE


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said there was no truth to reports that the Pentagon is engaging in “damage control” after President Donald Trump’s meeting with allies in Brussels, Belgium.

“I just heard about this story that the Pentagon is in damage control,” Mattis told reporters in a short press conference with reporters.

“That was fascinating, I love reading fiction.”

Mattis, who spoke with reporters during his flight from Zagreb, Croatia, to Oslo, Sweden, Friday, said the administration is getting strong results in discussions with NATO allies.

Mattis said the news was not fact-based and suggested the reporters accompanying him in “full transparency” would have noticed if the NBC report was true.

“It must have been the most pleasant damage control … I ever could have imagined, with the level of unity, of purpose that we experienced there,” Mattis said.

“People are entitled to their opinion even if it is not fact-based.”- READ MORE


Secretary of Defense James Mattis is known for his badass one-linersand motivating quotes. The speech he gave to the graduating class at the Naval War College was no exception.

After continuing on for a bit, an official brought Mattis a water bottle.

“If this was vodka, it’d be a lot better speech,” he said before taking a sip.

“But I’m not supposed to glamorize alcohol anymore. So young folks, you ignore what I just said,” Mattis added.READ MORE

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