Macron Had Helicopter on Standby to Escape Presidential Palace During Protests


French President Emmanuel Macron Was Not Only Present At The Élysée Palace During “act Iv” Of The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) Protests But Had A Helicopter On Standby To Escape In Case Protesters Broke In, According To Reports.

The French leader fortified the Élysée Palace last Saturday with an unprecedented amount of security, including 500 republican guards, around a hundred police and gendarmes armed with water cannons, and other anti-riot measures, Le Dauphine reports.

Should the protesters have managed to storm the Élysée and get past security, President Macron is also said to have had a helicopter on standby to evacuate him and others in what could have echoed the escape of former Romanian president Nicolae Ceaușescu, who fled a popular uprising by helicopter during the collapse of his Communist regime on December 22, 1989.

Witnesses at the Élysée last Saturday described the French leader as “like marble” in front of the protests that not only saw high levels of violence in Paris but also in other French cities like Toulouse and Bordeaux.- READ MORE


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