Louisiana paper: Obama ‘AWOL’ after historic flooding


Louisiana’s largest newspaper on Friday blasted President Obama for not showing his face in the state after a flood that has killed 13 people and forced thousands of people out of their homes.

The Baton Rouge Advocate published an editorial titled “After Louisiana flood, President Obama goes AWOL” that said other presidents made a point of visiting the state after floods.

In 1965, for example, President Lyndon Johnson showed up after a flood and told people, “I am here to make sure you have the help you need,” the paper said.

Obama has declared a federal emergency, and sent Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to the state. But Johnson said Thursday that Obama wouldn’t be visiting the state because he “can’t be everywhere,” a line that didn’t sit well with the Advocate because Obama is currently on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. – READ MORE

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