LOS ANGELES: Antifa Hangs Trump In Effigy, Calls For ‘Revolutionary Violence’


The Antifascist group, Antifa, is acting like a bunch of fascists. So what else is new?

According to PJ Media, “An Antifa group in Los Angeles celebrated May Day by holding a small march, hanging a Trump effigy, and advocating for ‘revolutionary violence’ against the ‘capitalist state’ in order to ‘create real political power.'”

“We must carry out military actions against the enemies of the people!” a member of the L.A. cell of the Red Guards said in a speech.

The burning of President Trump in effigy comes just on the heels of “May Day,” when communist thugs around the world march in advocacy of the most murderous ideologies in the history of the world. Though most protests in the United States remained relatively peaceful, much of the rhetoric called for violence – READ MORE

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