‘Lord of the Rings’ star John Rhys-Davies defends Christianity, says it has made the world better, not worse


“Lord of the Rings” actor John Rhys-Davies says that Christianity has made the world better and not worse.

Rhys-Davies, who recently voiced a character in the new animated film “Pilgrim’s Progress,” said that he often finds himself defending Christianity during interviews.

“I count myself as a rationalist and a skeptic, and I find myself constantly defending Christians and Christianity,” he told the Christian Post. “We seem to forget that Christian civilization has made the world a better place than it ever was.”

He added that all good things have evolved from the church’s early days.

“All the things that we value — the right of free speech, the right of the individual conscience — these evolved in first and second century Roman Christendom, where the individual Christian said, ‘I have a right to believe what I believe and not what the emperor tells me,'” he added. “From that, our whole idea of democracy and the equality that we have has developed.” – READ MORE

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