London Mayor Sadiq Khan Blames Knife Attacks On… YouTube???


We all remember how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton blamed the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video. That didn’t work out for them very well, but it was almost six years ago. Time to give that old trick another try.

From the London City Hall Blog:

YouTube must crack down on videos pushing violence & knife crime

The Mayor is urging tech and social media companies, including Youtube and its parent company, Google, to take tough action to crack down on videos that encourage gang violence and knife crime…

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan says:

“Internet giants have policies in place around violent content, but they do not go far enough. Google, YouTube and other platforms have a responsibility to the millions of young people using their sites every day, and it is vital that they toughen up their guidelines, remove breaches immediately and work with partners to help ensure such horrific videos do not reappear. Lives could depend on it.”

I’m all for Internet companies enforcing their own guidelines. If people are using YouTube to make direct threats of violence, then they need to deal with it. But is it really going to stop people from stabbing each other? Is Khan going to call for a ban on the Koran next?

YouTube doesn’t make anybody do anything. You’ve got much bigger problems, Mr. Mayor, and they started long before anybody had the Internet.

Stay safe, London! Just don’t be racist about it.

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