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Riots Have Hit 48 Of America’s 50 Largest US Cities, New Study Finds – A new study out of Princeton University reveals that 48 out of the 50 largest cities in the United States have experienced riots associated with the Black Lives Matter movement since late May.

Despite the leftist media’s obsession with calling the fiery violence ‘mostly peaceful’, the data indicates that most cities are seeing some violent unrest. – READ MORE

It’s Not “Just Property”: How Looting Destroys Lives And Low-Income Neighborhoods –It’s now become fashionable on the Left to defend looting as a means of redistributing wealth from allegedly unworthy business owners to the more-deserving looters themselves.

This sort of thing may seem convincing to those who prefer to live in the realm of pure theory. Big words like “commodify” and “oppression” might strike beginner-level dissidents as impressive. But once we start to look at the real-world details of how looting works, we quickly find that looting your local auto parts store or Nike outlet isn’t going to bring down Wall Street hedge funders any time soon. What it will do is hurt ordinary people who own businesses and work in shops that are targeted by looters. Moreover, once the smoke has cleared, we’ll find that low-income neighborhoods will suffer the most. – READ MORE

Restaurants Side With Protesters After Protesters Chase Customers Out Of Establishment – On Friday night, restaurant-goers were targeted by left-wing Black Lives Matter protesters who chased customers out of establishments and flipped over patrons’ dinner plates in Rochester, New York, as evidenced by video footage.

The restaurants, however, are siding with the protesters, emphasizing how apparently little monetary damage the demonstrations caused and outright dismissing the terrorizing of their customers. – READ MORE

Woman Repeatedly Punches Child In Head For Having Pro-Trump Sign: Police Report –Police in Boulder, Colorado, are searching for a woman that allegedly attacked a young boy earlier this week who was riding his bike while carrying a pro-Trump sign.

“The attack happened just after noon on Monday when the boy was riding his bike northbound on Folsom Street near Glenwood Drive,” CBS4 News reported. “Police said a woman on a moped passed him and spotted the sign that he had on the back of his bike.” – READ MORE

Tennessee Woman Who Died Six Months Ago Receives Letter Last Week Saying She’s COVID-19 Positive – Losing a loved one during the coronavirus pandemic can be especially difficult, but one man in Tennessee lost his mother two weeks before the first reported case in his county. Last week, however, he received a letter telling him his deceased mother tested positive for COVID-19 — a test she allegedly took in June, three months after her death.

Troy Whittington received the letter from Shelby County Health Department (SCHD) last week, Newsweek reported. The letter explained his mother had been tested on June 20 and should self-isolate for 10 days. Nothing in the letter made sense, as Sandra Whittington died of COPD on February 16 – two weeks before the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Shelby County. – READ MORE

San Francisco Mayor Defends Nancy Pelosi Defying COVID Orders: She’s Fighting ‘Dictator,’ ‘Terrorist’ Trump – San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who has been adamant about enforcing coronavirus-related regulations on residents of her city, excused Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to flout the city’s lockdown restrictions to get a blowout at a salon by attacking President Donald Trump, calling the president a “dictator” and a “terrorist.”

When asked about Pelosi’s foray to the shuttered ESalonSF last week for a private hair appointment — an incident that was caught on tape, with the video showing Pelosi walking around the salon without a mask, despite the city’s requirement that masks be worn in businesses — Breed would only opine on Trump, seemingly suggesting that Pelosi deserved the break because she’s a prominent opponent of the president. – READ MORE

‘It Must Stop’: California Church Pleads For Relief After County Fines Approach $60,000 – A Baptist church in California that is meeting despite coronavirus lockdown restrictions is pleading with their county government to relent after the fines leveled against them have racked up to nearly $60,000.

North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, made headlines two weeks ago when senior pastor Jack Trieber released a viral video on Facebook asking Santa Clara County to “back off.” The video, which garnered millions of views, explained that his church was fined $5,000 for holding a morning service and $5,000 for an evening service during which congregants sang. – READ MORE

San Fran keeps private gyms closed, but has reopened city-owned gyms. Furious owners call out city leaders. – San Francisco gyms have been forced by the liberal city to remain closed for months as part of measures implemented to reduce the spread of coronavirus. But city leaders have applied different rules for fitness facilities used by city employees

According to KNTV-TV, city-owned indoor gyms have been open for months, all while privately owned indoor gyms have struggled to stay afloat. The result, KNTV reported, is “crushing private gym owners.” – READ MORE

Outrage After University Suspends 11 Students For “Party” But Keeps $36,500 Tuition –But now one major university is driving headlines after making good on its ‘max punishment’ threat, and all the while pocketing students’ full tuition after they were accused of “violating social distancing protocols”.

Apparently they were caught in a gathering deemed a “party” by the staff members who discovered them. Again the “party” apparently consisted of eleven people total in the room, and they happened to be housed in the same building – READ MORE

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