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Trump Trolls Media For Complaining About Packed Room With COVID Guidelines: ‘It’s A Peaceful Protest’ (VIDEO) – President Donald Trump mocked the media during a news conference on Friday evening for complaining about a room packed full of people that they claimed violated New Jersey’s COVID-19 guidelines, saying that it was a “peaceful protest.”

“Just in this room, you have dozens of people who are not following the guidelines in New Jersey which say you should not have more than 25 –,” the reporter stated before being loudly booed by many in the room. – READ MORE

Trump orders $400-per-week unemployment payments amid COVID crisis, hits Dems for stonewalling – President Trump signed four executive actions Saturday aimed at delivering relief to Americans struggling with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic while accusing Democrats of stonewalling greater aid efforts.

Trump announced a $400-per-week supplemental unemployment payment to out-of-work Americans — short of the $600 weekly benefit that expired at the end of July. He unveiled an extension of student loan relief and protections from evictions for renters and homeowners. – READ MORE

Antifa Beaten After They Allegedly Went After Man In Wheelchair: ‘You Guys Came To The Wrong City’ (VIDEO) – Protesters at a pro-police rally in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Saturday reportedly beat several far-left activists after the far-left activists allegedly went after a veteran who was in a wheelchair.

Several dozen pro-police protesters walked alongside the veteran in the wheelchair, who was carrying an American flag, as they seemingly forced the far-left activists out of the neighborhood. Numerous people who were on the pro-police side said that the far-left activists went after the man in the wheelchair and suggested that was what ended up starting the fight. – READ MORE

Portland mayor condemns rioters for ‘attempting to commit murder’ – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Thursday evening condemned the actions of rioters who attempted to set fire to a police precinct and blocked the exits while officers were inside.

“When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people who you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder,” Wheeler said in a news conference with Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell. – READ MORE

After Burning Police Union, Portland Rioters Threaten Nearby House: ‘We’re Gonna Burn Your Building Down’ – In the wee hours of Sunday morning on the 71st straight night of violent antifa riots in Portland, rioters who had again set a fire inside the police union threatened to burn a civilian’s home apparently because he had the audacity to look outside his window. For the last few nights, rioters have targeted police buildings in a residential neighborhood, harassing Portlanders in the middle of the night.

While multiple protests during the day remained peaceful, a group of protesters that had remained peaceful until that point marched toward the Portland Police Association (PPA) Office, the police union, at around 9:50 p.m. Support vehicles moved alongside the rioters, illegally blocking all other vehicle traffic, Portland Police reported. – READ MORE

Evidence Is Mounting That Governor Cuomo Is Targeting Bars That Criticize Him for Suspension – A week after starting a petition calling for Governor Andrew Cuomo to reverse New York’s mandate requiring that a substantial amount of food must be served with any alcohol purchase, Abby Ehmann, the owner of East Village dive bar Lucky, found out her liquor license was suspended.

“Ehmann says that two State Liquor Authority representatives visited the bar on Monday night at 8 p.m. to observe if the bar’s eight customers had ordered food with their drinks,” according to Eater New York. “After the visit, Ehmann received her first warning from the SLA on a piece of paper that did not list out the specific violations, she says. Shortly afterward, and with no further warnings, Lucky’s liquor license was suspended.” – READ MORE

Gretchen Whitmer Interviews for Vice President, Then Mandates Self-Lockdowns for People Exposed to Sore Throats – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer met with Joe Biden in Delaware this week as his search for a running mate comes down to the wire.

The AP reported: Whitmer visited Biden Sunday, according to two high-ranking Michigan Democrats who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. The first-term governor of the battleground state has long been on his short list of possible running mates. – READ MORE

Oregon Governor Caught Violating Her Own Mask Order – Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D-Portland) and her security detail appear to have violated Brown’s own mask mandate, according to a post that has gone viral on Facebook. In addition, a member of that security detail, an Oregon state trooper, has yet to be publicly recognized for rescuing a teenage girl from drowning. A witness to the incident last Sunday is now demanding that the trooper be awarded a medal from the Oregon State Police, but so far Brown has not publicly acknowledged the heroic act by the police officer.

In an interview with PJ Media, the witness, a woman named Rebekah (she asked us not to include her last name out of fear of retaliation from Gov. Brown) described the scene. Rebekah brought her kids to a riverside park on a hot summer day to go swimming. She happened upon Kate Brown and her Oregon State Police security detail on a trail next to the park in Marion County. None were wearing masks, despite a mid-July executive order requiring masks outdoors, not just inside public buildings. – READ MORE

California Using $100 Million of $550 Million Federal Coronavirus Funds to Put Homeless in Hotels – The California Department of Housing and Community Development is using $100 million of the $550 million it got from the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund to put homeless people in hotel rooms or other facilities in San Francisco as a way to allegedly curb the spread of the disease.

The state’s Homekey program announced the millions of taxpayer dollars available as grants to pay for the housing and that the deadline to apply is December 30. – READ MORE

Ohio Gov. DeWine tests negative for COVID-19 hours after testing positive – Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tested negative for COVID-19 on Thursday hours after testing positive before he was set to greet President Trump at the Cleveland airport, according to a statement by the governor’s office.

Instead of meeting with Trump, DeWine returned to Columbus and was ultimately tested for coronavirus a second time. – READ MORE

Nashville councilwoman wants attempted murder charges for people who don’t wear face mask, pass on COVID-19 – Sharon Hurt, an at-large member of the Nashville Metro Council, suggested this week that people who do not wear a face mask, but spread coronavirus, should be hit with attempted murder or murder charges.

During an August 5 meeting between the city’s Public Safety, Beer & Regulated Beverages and Health, Hospitals, & Social Services committees, Hurt asked whether the council could enact legislation criminally charging people who don’t wear face coverings in a similar fashion HIV-positive people who knowingly spread HIV without informing partners. – READ MORE

Democratic NY City councilman says hydroxychloroquine saved his life, thanks Trump for advocating drug – The drug hydroxychloroquine was instantly transformed into a political football the moment President Donald Trump said that the malaria medication “could be a game changer” at a coronavirus press briefing on March 19. Since being hopeful about the drug, Trump’s adversaries have been completely against hydroxychloroquine, while his supporters are optimistic that the medicine could help fight against COVID-19. A Democratic politician has come out to proclaim that hydroxychloroquine saved his life after a near-death battle with coronavirus.

Democratic New York City Councilman Paul Vallone credits hydroxychloroquine with saving his life as he fought against the lethal respiratory disease. Vallone, who represents Queens, told the New York Post that HCQ “basically saved me.” – READ MORE

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