LISTEN: Hugh Hewitt Slams Don Lemon’s ‘Abdication Of Professionalism’


Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt slammed CNN host Don Lemon’s unprofessionalism in questioning Trump’s mental stability after his latest rally in Arizona.

On his radio show Thursday morning, Hewitt and guest Sen. Lindsey Graham discussed how Trump has the ability to make the media go insane.

“But when you say the media’s gone insane over his insanity, you don’t really mean he’s insane,” Hewitt said to Graham.

“No, no” Graham assured.

“Listen to Don Lemon two nights ago,” Hewitt continued. “I found this to be an abdication of professionalism on a level that I have not heard before. And I like Don Lemon, I’ve been on his show a lot when I used to do CNN stuff but this…just listen to this.”

Hewitt then played a long clip of Lemon’s rant after the Arizona rally where he accused Trump of acting “like a six year old” and being “unhinged.”

“What do you make of that?” Hewitt asked Graham.

“Well I hear that everyday about me,” Graham said. “Breaking news, Don: he won. He won giving these kinds of speeches. People at CNN, they’re literally…he’s driving them crazy.”

Listen HERE. Relevant portion begins at 3:25. 

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