Lindsey Graham: We Should Be ‘Very Suspicious’ of Anything Michael Cohen’s Saying Right Now


Senator Lindsey Graham warned on Fox News today that he doesn’t exactly trust Michael Cohen right now.

Graham spoke this morning with Maria Bartiromo, who asked about Cohen and noted the claim from Rudy Giuliani that the tape out already has been “played with.”

“The one thing about Michael Cohen,” Graham said, “is I’ve never seen a lawyer behave this way in my entire life… When it comes to Michael Cohen, you should be very suspicious of anything he says. He’s on the hot seat, he’s looking at going to jail, so people like him are subject to making things up.” – READ MORE


President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the ongoing Michael Cohen drama with Chris Wallace.

Michael Cohen, a longtime lawyer to Donald Trump has recently flipped on the President, perhaps because he is being squeezed by Mueller in another case related to a taxi cab company he was financially involved in.

Giuliani called Michael Cohen a pathological liar and said he destroyed himself as a witness.- READ MORE

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