Limousine Liberal: Bette Midler Selling Her NYC Penthouse for $50,000,000


Hollywood actress and left-wing activist Bette Midler has slapped a 10-figure price tag on her 10,000-plus square foot New York City triplex penthouse.

The $50 million listing (and its $25,515 in monthly maintenance fees) is enough to land the political charged singer’s longtime family home on the list for the most expensive homes for sale in NYC.

“It’s time for another family to enjoy it,” Bette Midler told the New York Times, about her and her husband, performance artist Martin von Haselberg’s decision to sell.

The pair poured a ton into upgrading their property.

“The ceilings were lower,” Midler said “The corridors narrower, and many of the rooms were much smaller” the actress explained to make it “like a country house in the city.” – read more

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