Limbaugh: Whistleblower’s Identity Revealed, Now We Know Why Dems Wanted To Hide It


On Thursday, the House Democrats made their impeachment inquiry into President Trump official, pushing through their resolution by a largely party line vote of 232 to 194.


“The guy was a plant in the White House by the CIA to do exactly what he did,” Limbaugh said Thursday. “We know his name. He’s one of a dime-a-dozen Yale or Harvard graduates, literally a 30-year-old Pajama Boy doing the bidding of John Brennan in the White House.”

On Wednesday, RealClearInvestigations’s Paul Sperry reported on the alleged identity of the whistleblower, which he describes as an “open secret inside the Beltway.” Citing “officials with direct knowledge of the proceedings,” Sperry reports that the whistleblower’s name is allegedly Eric Ciaramella.

“This guy’s a leaker! He’s not a whistleblower!” said Rush. ” … This guy was involved from the get-go, starting in 2016, doing John Brennan’s bidding from the West Wing on furthering the whole Trump-Russia collusion operation of which there wasn’t one!”

“[T]hey don’t want us to know who he is for these obvious reasons,” he added. “Now Schiff and his buddies are saying, ‘Well, we don’t need to know the young whistleblower’s identity. We don’t really need to hear from the whistleblower.’ Of course we don’t now … ”

“There’s another reason,” Rush said in reference to his identity remaining secret. “Nobody would be impressed by this guy. He’s a kid — and I don’t mean to be insulting 30-year-olds. Do not misunderstand me here. But he’s not … When you hear ‘CIA agent,’ ’embedded CIA agent,’ you think, ‘Spy, national security!’ You think ‘grizzled veteran,’ not somebody who doesn’t shave but twice a week. He’d be totally unimpressive as an image witness.” – READ MORE

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