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Limbaugh Goes Nuclear on CNN & ‘Little Jim Acosta’: ‘The Trump White House Owns CNN Now’


As only he could, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh spend large swaths of Wednesday’s program trashing the liberal media and particularly CNN, referring to them as “fools” with “little Jim Acosta” behaving like a cat “chasing the red laser pointer around and bumping into walls and sofa.”

Limbaugh took on CNN from almost the get-go, informing listeners that he’s “sensed a momentum shift, and I continue to see evidence of it” with Tuesday’s White House daily briefing and Sarah Huckabee Sanders holding her ground against Sentinel/Playboy writer Brian Karem.

Blasting CNN for “now making fools of themselves each and every day, as is a large swath of the Drive-By Media,” Limbaugh astutely noted how he’s exposed this going back decades to the point that it’s blatantly obvious the media “have become the organizing power of the American left.”



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