Lightweight ‘Journalist’ Tracey Cries To Twitter After Being ‘Shoved’ By Rep. Maxine Waters


Freelance journalist Michael Tracey has a history of being a pansy when it comes to physical contact.

Tracey accused 78-year-old Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) of ‘shoving’ him during an interview at the “March for Truth” protest Saturday in Manhattan.

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Tracey must not have grown up playing sports because this is not the first time he has proven to be one big baby.

In 2009, when Tracey was a junior at The College of New Jersey, he was charged with disorderly conduct for forcibly trying to get an autograph from bestselling author and conservative commentator Ann Coulter after a lecture.

Tracey said police used “blatantly excessive force” to tackle him to the ground when he walked up to Coulter’s table, according to a New Jersey news outlet.

When a video of the so-called assault was posted online, viewers questioned Tracey’s definition of “excessive force.”

Eight years later and Tracey is still pulling the same stunt, but this time he’s targeting a woman half his size and almost twice his age.

The Mirror sought comment from the apparent weakling.

“Hi there. I have nothing further to add on the topic,” the journalist replied by email.

Is Waters even capable of ‘shoving’ Tracey? If by shoving he means grazing, then the answer would be yes.

The Twittersphere was not afraid to call out Tracey and attack his masculinity.

Staff writer for The New Yorker, Jelani Cobb, mocked Tracey by comparing the incident to Rep. Greg Gianforte’s (R-Montana) famous ‘body slam’:

Journalist Molly Knight for ESPN the Magazine, called Tracey a disgrace:

Teresa Lo, a writer at the JD Journal, tweeted a GIF reenacting the ‘shove’:

Next time you want to shake Tracey’s hand or give him a high five, be very gentle.

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