Libs So Blinded by Hate They Attack Pro-Trump Roseanne for Pro-Muslim Episode


In a recent episode, Roseanne becomes suspicious of her new Muslim neighbors, and quickly labels them terrorists. But this is a sitcom, after all, and the character realizes by the end of the show that she and the new residents have more in common as middle-class Americans than she realized.

Positive message wrapped in a humorous package, right? Well, not so fast. Likely due to the real-life Roseanne’s support of President Trump, liberal critics have been shockingly reluctant to applaud the “Muslims can be American too” message.

“This is tired,” declared Elham Khatami, an Iranian-American Muslim and journalist. “Roseanne thinking her Muslim neighbors are terrorists isn’t funny. Not even for a second. Muslims deal with that bigotry on a daily basis. And it’s dangerous,” she complained.

“If we were really concerned with dispelling Muslim stereotypes, how about give a Muslim family their own show?” Khatami declared. Somebody should probably tell her that only 0.9 percent of Americans follow the Islamic faith, so you could, but it probably wouldn’t bring in the biggest viewership numbers. – READ MORE

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