Liberals unleash torrent of abuse on Savannah Guthrie for daring to interview teen from Covington altercation


Savannah Guthrie was excoriated by liberals online after she announced that she had interviewed one of he teens in the mega-viral confrontation between Covington Catholic High School students and a Native American activist.

The confrontation in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial has become a flashpoint between critics of President Donald Trump and his supporters after competing narratives emerged from various videos of the event.

Guthrie teased the interview with Nicholas Sandmann from her social media account.

The interview will air on the “Today Show” on Wednesday, but the angry blowback is already being blasted out at the show and at Guthrie.

Liberal activist Amy Siskind immediately called for a boycott of the show and for her followers to attack the sponsors of the network.

“The definition of privilege,” Siskind¬†tweeted. “Who has a PR firm? This is disgusting – shame on you @TODAYshow and @SavannahGuthrie!”

“If we can organize boycotting Trump’s Oval Office address,” she added in a second tweet, “we can certainly orchestrate a boycott of @TODAYshow and @SavannahGuthrie for at least week! Who’s in?”- READ MORE

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