Liberal HuffPost scraps contributor network amid ‘tsunami of false information’


The HuffPost is shutting down its controversial contributor blogging network as it faces a $23.5 million lawsuit for libel and negligent injury based on a since-deleted article published by a member of that system.

“The platform, which launched in May 2005, was a revolutionary idea at the time: give a megaphone to lots of people — some famous, some completely unknown — to tell their stories,” HuffPost Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen wrote on Thursday.

Polgreen didn’t mention the eight-figure lawsuit in her explanation, instead blaming the rise of other outlets such as Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn that allow people to publicly express their opinions.

“The real achievement of the platform was giving a spotlight to a huge number of people who weren’t previously afforded one,” Polgreen wrote. “Open platforms that once seemed radically democratizing now threaten, with the tsunami of false information we all face daily, to undermine democracy. When everyone has a megaphone, no one can be heard.”

“HuffPost’s recent change to its contributor platform was a purely editorial decision, long in the works, and was unrelated to this or any other legal challenge,” a HuffPost spokesperson told Fox News.  – READ MORE

HuffPost editor Emily McCombs tweeted Friday about her desire to “kill all men” as part of her New Year’s Resolutions.

McCombs, who serves as the “Editorial Director of Parents” for HuffPo, previously wrote an article in November titled, “I Don’t Know If I Can Raise A Good Man.”

In the post, she talks about her own son, saying, “(o)f course, we all want to raise feminist sons. I wrote an article a few months ago detailing the ways I try to do just that. But my efforts are starting to seem like grains of sand against a steady wave-crash of misogyny and rape culture.”

She continues, “In my previous article, I wrote, ‘In my sweat-soaked, sit-straight-up-in-bed feminist nightmares, I can imagine a future in which my own spawn makes some woman feel as voiceless as the boys in my high school once did, a world in which he blithely argues against the existence of male privilege and shit-talks the latest all-female remake on Twitter.’ Lately, I can imagine it even more clearly.” – READ MORE

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