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    Liberal Economics: Newsweek Yanks Hillary “Madam President” Issue From Stores; Eats $500K Loss


    The partisan hacks at Newsweek are recalling 125,000 copies of its Hillary Clinton “Madam President” issue.

    The brutal mistake, printing and shipping the issues to wholesalers and retailers weeks before the election, is estimated to cost Newsweek a loss of approximately $500,000. But Newsweek is not new to making lousy management and fiscal decisions.

    Newsweek claimed it made a Donald Trump edition too although it never shipped it or produced a verified copy of it. Now Newsweek says it will print and ship the Trump edition and hope to break even on the misadventure.

    Liberal economics. Only Newsweek could lose money on such a historic election.

    The Clinton edition appeared on book store shelves early Tuesday morning but a directive went out Wednesday morning to yank the magazine from displays. We can’t be the only ones chuckling about it. Even Hillary got caught up in her own hype. See below.

    Hillary signs a copy of her Newsweek edition that has been pulled from shelves. Credit: Getty


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