Liberal Author Posts ‘Dumbest Gun Tweet’ Ever, Leaves Cops, Security Speechless


A Friday tweet from a liberal author had many Twitter users scratching their heads as they attempted to follow her logic.

“(H)ow could a single school guard, armed with a conventional weapon, expect to confront & ‘kill’ an individual w/ AK-15 who has methodically plotted an attack?” Oates asked. “(I)sn’t this demanding of the guard that he sacrifice his life? would NRA pay his widow a bonus?”

Assuming that she was not being sarcastic, Oates’ tweet seemed to suggest that it would not be possible for an armed officer to take down the shooter.

Moreover, she was apparently arguing that a school resource officer, who many people would argue is duty-bound to put the lives of students before his own, should not sacrifice himself in an active-shooter situation. – READ MORE

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