Liberal America: Will Terrorist Attacks Be The New Normal?


With three separate incidents that seem at first glance to be Islamic terrorism, America again faces the question: Is this our inevitable future, one filled with murderous attacks by a growing group of people who despise us?

It’s not a pleasant question to ask.

But the first-blush evidence from attacks over the weekend — including a pipe-bomb explosion before a U.S. Marine-sponsored running event in Seaside, New Jersey; a bomb set off in a dumpster in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood that injured 29 (and another unexploded device found just blocks away); and a maniac stabbing 9 people in Minnesota while muttering about Allah — says they can’t be written off as merely random.

Each attack was premised on creating mass terror — the kind that Islamist terrorists specialize and revel in. And, for what it’s worth, the Islamic State’s news service immediately hailed the Minnesota attacker as a “soldier of Allah,” while ISIS commenters on extremist sites claimed the bombings as their own. – READ MORE

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