Leftists Defend ANTIFA After Trump Vows To Declare It A Terrorist Organization


Within hours of President Trump pledging to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization for the destruction and havoc it helped reap throughout the nation over the death of George Floyd, the Twitterverse has lit up with scores of leftists proudly defending the communist organization.

Under the hashtag #IamAntifa, people largely took the organization’s name (which stands for Anti-Fascist) at face-value seemingly unaware or proud of its communist roots.

“How did I know I’d eventually be designated a ‘terrorist’ by my own country? I’m an accomplice, here to leverage my privilege and platform, in support of movements for social and environmental justice. Also, will punch Nazis or help you find a medic,” tweeted activist B. Nolan.

“Let’s be crystal clear: 1. #ANTIFA = Anti-fascist 2. Domestic terrorism is overwhelmingly carried out by the RIGHT, not the left,” tweeted activist Peter Daou.

“What’s weird is that if you spelled out what the acronym for this loose movement called ‘antifa’ stands for and rewrite Trump’s tweet accordingly, it would read: ‘The United States of America will be designating anti-fascists as a Terrorist Organization,’” tweeted MSNBC’s Joy Reid. – READ MORE

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