Leftists Attacked Woman Behind Kavanaugh For ‘White Power’ Hand Signal. She Just Trolled Them Like A Boss.


After Zina Bash, a former clerk for Judge Brett Kavanaugh who was sitting behind him on Tuesday, was ridiculously accused by the Left (as they erupted in paroxysms of hysteria) of flashing a “white power” sign as she made the “OK” sign with her hand, Bash decided to raise her troll level to Grandmaster on Thursday:

The very idea of Bash being a white supremacist is patently absurd, as her mother is Mexican and her father Jewish.- READ MORE


In their final effort to derail the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh (because he doesn’t pledge allegiance to Roe v. Wade) Democrats will drag out one of their favorite old props: Convicted felon, disbarred lawyer, and cover-up artist John Dean.

What is Dean’s authority on Kavanaugh? Why should anyone listen to what he has to say?

Quite literally, the reason Democrats see him as an authority is that he was White House counsel for corrupt former President Richard Nixon and acted as the “master manipulator of the cover-up,” according to the FBI.

After serving out his felony sentence, Dean was disbarred and couldn’t work as a lawyer. So he took one of the most well-traveled paths back to Washington respectability: going to bat for Democrats and the Left by attacking his former party.

His post-Watergate books include Worse than Watergate, in which he argued for the impeachment of George W. Bush, and Conservatives without Conscience, which was of that hoary old genre of books for liberals: Republicans had principles exactly 12-30 years ago, but no longer do. – READ MORE

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