Leftist Journalist Mocks Trump And Americans: ‘Who’s The S***hole Country Now?’


Responding to the news that the United States reportedly has more known cases of coronavirus than any nation on earth, leftist GQ columnist Julia Ioffe took a vicious shot at President Trump with a side order of seeming indifference to the suffering of Americans, snapping on Twitter, “Who’s the s***hole country now?”

Ioffe’s nasty rhetoric ignored one salient fact: that despite the vast number of cases of coronavirus in the United States, the percentage of mortality rate is far less than other countries stricken with the virus, such as Spain, Italy, Iran, and France. In Italy, the mortality rate was over 10% through Thursday; in Spain, roughly 8%; in Iran, 7.6%; in France, almost 6%. The current rate in the United States is 1.5%, and there is mounting evidence that many more people may be infected across the nation, which would drop the mortality rate even further. – READ MORE

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