Leftist Commentators Erupt At Tom Brady For Not Wearing Mask Before And After Super Bowl Win


Left-leaning political commentators and sports analysts complained on Sunday that Tampa Bay Quarterback Tom Brady was not wearing a mask before and after his team’s 31-9 blowout victory over Kansas City in Super Bowl LV.

“Tom’s sustained success over the past 20-plus years is a testament to his incredible drive and his meticulous approach to everything he does,” John Burns, CEO of Brady’s TB12 health and wellness organization, told the New York Post. “It’s that mindset that allows him to keep going.”

“A huge star not wearing one at a major sporting event will be used by conspiracists to persuade the ignorant not to wear a mask,” Louise Mensch, who has been criticized for promoting conspiracy theories, wrote on Twitter. “A truly good person who has any kind of a leadership role considers mask-wearing vs mask-refusing as their example to the masses. I have assumed the best and therefore assumed ignorance, not malice, in Brady. But it was, no question, a big failure before the biggest audience.”

“Considering everything happening in that stadium I doubt this actually matters but a dude as famous as Tom Brady should just do the right thing and wear a mask,” reporter David Kroman tweeted. “I think I have to turn off this game. It’s making me angry.” – READ MORE

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