Left-wing woman: Saying ‘guys’ is now politically incorrect because it’s ‘lazy,’ ‘inconsiderate,’ and ‘reinforces the gender hierarchy’ (VIDEO)


If you’re used to speaking the word “guys” — particularly when addressing a mixed-gender group — you might want to think about changing your ways.

At least that’s what a left-wing producer from NowThis News said in a Monday video during which she explained in great detail — complete with historical background — why saying “guys” is “lazy,” “inconsiderate,” and “reinforces the gender hierarchy.”

“Guys” is among “many male default terms” that “should not be normalized,” Foluké Tuakli declared.

She also noted that saying “guys” has the effect of “only addressing the men in the room” and that its “cognitive impact on women and gender non-conforming folk” by must be faced. – READ MORE

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